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Linked In Basics: How To Use Linked In to Promote Your Online Business

When I start talking to clients about Linked In — they usually resist because they think that Linked In is for people who work for big corporations or who are looking for a job. I’ve found that Linked In is an excellent way to get more traffic to your site, reach a target audience and increase your conversion rate.

Why Should You Care About SOPA/PIPA?

If you’ve been browsing the web today – you’ve probably noticed that several sites are blacked out today in protest of a bill currently in the Senate called SOPA/PIPA. I don’t generally write about politics on this blog — but SOPA/PIPA is very scary. The bill is designed to help the entertainment industry enforce copyright rules. As written, it has the power to cripple the Internet and destroy social media. In essence, SOPA/PIPA requires domain hosts to shut down websites that contain any copyrighted material and payment processors to withhold payment. This can be done at the word of the copyright holder with no further proof necessary.