Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners
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Business Building Resources
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5 Elements of An Effective Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client

Today I thought I would answer one of the questions that I get asked the most.  "Michele, what do I need to have on my website?"  Creating an effective website is actually very simple.  It is a matter of asking yourself how to make your website face toward your...

Six Steps to Creating Share-Worthy Content for Your Blog

I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s blog posts as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am really impressed about the wide range of subjects you guys are covering. I’m learning so much from you. Today, I thought I would quickly cover the six steps to a blog that people want to share with others. Just blogging every day is not enough. Creating quality content will entice people to share your posts and bring more traffic (and potential customers) to your site.

starting a small business

Starting a Small Business: How to Get Paid

My daughter Allyson, is in the process of starting a small business. We have taken all of the first steps like: -Naming the business -Obtaining the Federal ID# and the LLC -Finding the location for the business -Determining her services and price points -Opening her...
5 Ways to Get Blog Ideas

5 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

What is stopping you from blogging? Are you worried about not having enough information to write about? The one thing I can tell you is that you have within your immediate grasp enough information in your brain to write your first several blog posts. You can worry about the rest later.

writing a book

Writing a Book Will Get New Clients For The Small Business Owner

Writing a book no longer means having to find a publisher or filling your garage full of copies. In today’s world of self-publishing, you can have a book written and printed in less than 90 days (shorter if you are determined).   It’s true. Writing a book—especially...
Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

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