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time trapBe honest – how many online marketing courses leave your breathless with excitement that soon turns to exhaustion and confusion? That’s a common frustration for people who are trying to get started with online marketing.

There seems to be so many things to do that the time drain is huge and the profits don’t match time expended.   Before you let yourself get sucked in any further just STOP for a minute… and think about what your “big why” is for online marketing efforts.  Do you want supplemental income? Do you want to quit your job in less than a year? Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere so that you can travel, take care of your family or pursue other interests?

Now, come up with three (yes, just three) goals and create an immediate to do list. First make sure you have the very basics in place (website, domain name, autoresponder, one social media channel).  Once you have the basics in place, start putting together a weekly to do list.

Print these as check off sheets and keep it on a clipboard at your computer desk. Here’s where you put order into the chaos of leaping around cyberspace to tag, post, comment, blog, write, research and all of those other tasks used by experienced online marketers.

Unless you have a list and a time schedule, you can spend hours posting to blogs only to get distracted with other information.  Decide how often you need to do each task weekly. If you’re marketing on a part time basis, then you could do tagging on Monday, forum postings or social networking on Tuesday and Saturday, blogging on Wednesday and Friday and conducting keyword research on Thursday.

Take Sunday (or at least one other day) as an online free day to get out, take a brain break and enjoy yourself.  You may need to set time limits on your to-do list items. Use a screen reminder or an old fashioned kitchen timer.

Sitting for hours fixated on the computer screen is bad for your eyes and posture, but also puts you at risk for mindless munching on junk food. Here’s another time saving tip – turn off the instant message or email notification while you’re focused on a to-do task.

Do you need more guidance as to what goes on your weekly to do list.  The Buzzboosters and I have developed a step by step system to get you from the very beginning all the way to a booming business.  We did a teleseminar about it a few weeks ago.  You can still listen in and get an overview.  We'll be covering the system in depth at the Extreme Income Explosion Summit in May in Salt Lake City.  We've hand picked 10 of the best teachers in online marketing to help us present the system to you.  I have a feeling that lives and businesses will be transformed in May.