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online presenceEntrepreneurs dream of having the level of visibility online that brings new clients in the door. This is not something that just happens over night. There are 6 fundamental rules for building a business online presence that has your ideal clients finding you online.

1.  To get visibility you must put yourself out there!  Your goal should be to have people saying “You are everywhere.” It is not their responsibility to find you, it is your responsibility to been seen and found.

2.  The fastest way to get credibility with your online presence is to add value to your prospects/clients life! You can do that by providing answers to their questions, how-to's and funny tidbits.

3.  You must set up your fundamentals then move on quickly! Don't let yourself get caught in the mode of perfectionism or analysis paralysis!

4.  Stop thinking that you have to do everything yourself!  You should be thinking “How can I leverage my time?” You should be focused on what you do best and income producing activities. Hire someone to do everything else.

5.  In relationship marketing you want your prospect to know you, like you, trust you and then they are more willing and eager to buy from you! The only way someone can get to know you is when you are willing to put yourself out there.

6.  Discomfort creates growth!

What would you add to the list?