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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

It has been a very exciting first two days at  Adam Urbanski's Attract Clients Like Crazy Event in flashy Las Vegas. One of the amazing speakers today, Ray Karkpuska of Video-Bookends.com, was talking about online video marketing strategy and I thought you might be interested.  I stopped by Ray's YouTube channel and found this great video that he created.

Before you check that out here are some of the stagering statistics about YouTube that I thought might interest you:

  • In May 2010 YouTube exceeded 2 Million views a day.
  • The average person spends 15 minutes per day on YouTube.
  • More video is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major networks created in 60 years.
  • Over 3 million people are connected and auto-sharing video to at least one social network.

That is a lot of video being shared but did you know that less than 3% of businesses are using video to market their products and services?  Talk about getting in on the ground floor.  And the best thing is that just like other social platforms video is extremely viral so all you have to do is educate yourself on how to do it.

Here is the great video from Ray Karkpuska that I thought you might enjoy.  Thanks Ray!