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FREE SAMPLE: Your Business Revenue Streams

FREE SAMPLE: Your Business Revenue Streams

One of the perks of being in one of my coaching programs is that you get a video from me each with with a bite-sized action step that you can do. If you follow along and do the steps each week, at the end of the year, you will have made a quantum leap in your business.

Time Out on the Doom and Gloom…It’s Your Economy!

Time Out on the Doom and Gloom…It’s Your Economy!

Okay…I guess I’m a little indignant when it comes to the stories I here day in and day out regarding money. And I’ll get even more undignified than this. Every Where I go I hear the doom and gloom stories: “The economy is bad”, “The banks aren’t lending”, “People don’t have money to spend”…..

Well, I’m calling everyone on the carpet!

You tell me…

It’s time to tell the truth! Okay…I’ll start.

Keywords:  Why Do They Matter?

Keywords: Why Do They Matter?

Knowing how to use keywords is essential to creating an effective website. The internet is a giant database — all of the information is sorted and organized by topic and the keywords that best describe the information. By paying attention to keywords and search phrases, you can position your site to be found more easily on the web.

Here are six good reasons why keywords matter:

Use Your Love of Social Media to Create A Thriving Home Business

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past six months and have been saddened by the stories of all the people who are struggling to get by and frustrated with my conversations with business owners.

70% of them want to hire a social media manager — but they can’t find one that has the skill and professionalism they need. Rachel Strella and I teach these skills in our program. The students from the last session of SMMP are finding clients, making connections and are well on their way to starting successful social media businesses. I wanted to share a guest post from one of those students today.