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Yay!  I'm so excited- I am finally ready to re-launch the Social Media Manager Profits Program.    I've been traveling a lot over the past six months and have been saddened by the stories of all the people who are struggling to get by and frustrated with my conversations with business owners.

70% of them want to hire a social media manager — but they can't find one that has the skill and professionalism they need.  Rachel Strella and I teach these skills in our program.   The students from the last session of SMMP are finding clients, making connections and are well on their way to starting successful social media businesses.  I wanted to share a guest post from one of those students today.

No Refunds Required by Jennifer Grigg

“Your money is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.” These were the words that helped ease me into purchasing a new product I found called Social Media Manager Profits™ (SMMP). This online training course has boosted my career potential and also changed my life journey. The turn-around took only a few months and some intense study, but I do highly recommend it.

In January 2011, I became unemployed and struggled with finding a job. I soon found that I was overqualified for the jobs coming open in this market, but I still continued to go through the interview process again and again. I kept hitting the same frustrating wall until I discovered SMMP.

I watched promo videos of Michele Scism, The Results Lady from DecisiveMinds.com, over and over and wondered, why not? What’s the worst thing that will happen? Finally, I nervously got out my credit card and placed the order. Soon after, I received my information, created a profile and logged in. It was that easy.

The online training was simple to use, very informative and easy to follow. I started with module one and took notes as I went along, watching the bonus videos that were included. By the end of module one, I was thinking “Wow, I can do this!” With my background in traditional marketing, it was a no-brainer.

Each module was time released over a six-week period. At first, I wanted all the modules at once. I quickly realized however that spreading them over the six weeks gave me the opportunity to take notes and properly absorb the information.

When I started learning about social media, I knew instantly it was perfect for me. Social media is all about engaging customers, building a community, and getting people to like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you. I love connecting with people and when a great marketing campaign comes together, it’s very rewarding to see the ROI and to see people happy – both consumers and businesses.

My experience with the SMMP training has been better than I ever imagined. The training Michele and Rachel Strella, Owner of Central PA Webster, partnered to put together was invaluable. Rachel also provides private coaching sessions for all SMMP members if you think you need it – I did and I really recommend the coaching. It helped answer the questions I had, and I had a pretty long list – everything I heard sparked me to explore the possibilities further.

So while the initial cost was a factor, I was impressed that Michele and Rachel presented the offer that if I didn’t make at least $1,000 in 90 days, they would refund my money…all they asked was that I make an effort. I’m happy to say no refund is required – my business, Social Dragon Marketing, is only a month old, but because of the in-depth SMMP training and coaching I received, I am thrilled to confirm that it has opened doors for me and I signed my first client.

The bottom line is that SMMP is designed to help you succeed. If you are interested in social media, whether to help your existing business or to become a social media manager, I would say it’s a great investment of time and resources. If you just add your own imagination and determination like I did, you’ll be off and running.

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