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I came across this excellent infographic recently.  The infographic shows much much businesses miss out on if they don’t have a website and social media in place. Over 83% of customers shop online spending $188 million a year.  If customer can’t find you (and buy your services) online, you are losing out on a lot of business.  This number is only growing and mobile is becoming more and more important.  (click on the image to view full size version).

The infographic also shows the importance of having a facebook page for your business.  According to the graphic, the average person spends 12.5 percent of their time (around 17 hours a month) on Facebook – while spending just 3.5 percent of their time on traditional search pages (google, yahoo, bing).

So, how can use you this information?  If you are in business and reading this post, you probably already have a website.  Keep expanding and improving it.  If you help other businesses with their online marketing (like members of the Global Social Media Managers Association), this graphic contains some great “facts” to share with potential clients.