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One of the perks of being in one of my coaching programs is that you get a video from me each week with a bite-sized action step that you can do.  If you follow along and do the steps each week, at the end of the year, you will have made a quantum leap in your business.

Since July has 5 weeks, I decided to give you a free taste of what my private coaching clients are getting. 

Even better… I've added a new level for those of you who don't need individual hand holding – but could benefit from an accountability and mastermind group.   It is very affordable – if you want more information – go to the coaching programs page and look at the silver program.

Watch the video and learn:

  • Why I don't think starting out as a service business is a bad thing
  • Why being a service business only will not get you to the income level you want
  • How to easily create leverage in your business

Also, right now if you join any of my coaching programs – I'm throwing in my new Create and Market a Profitable Product in 30 days as a bonus.