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Use Your Love of Social Media to Create A Thriving Home Business

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past six months and have been saddened by the stories of all the people who are struggling to get by and frustrated with my conversations with business owners.

70% of them want to hire a social media manager — but they can’t find one that has the skill and professionalism they need. Rachel Strella and I teach these skills in our program. The students from the last session of SMMP are finding clients, making connections and are well on their way to starting successful social media businesses. I wanted to share a guest post from one of those students today.

Is Social Media Too Time Consuming for Small Businesses?

Did you know that less than half of small businesses use social media to market their business? That’s what a recent survey from the small business insurance firm Hiskos says. According to the survey, 47% of small business owners rated social media as “unimportant” in their marketing efforts. Of the 53% who use social media – only 12% use it regularly. Here’s how to make more time for social media.

Global Social Media Managers Association™ is now LIVE!

By Michele Scism The Results Lady Dear Friend, I wanted to share a very exciting moment with you.  Today is the official launch of the Global Social Media Managers Association™ website.  It is a truly momentous occasion for me and everyone who works with me. What is...
How to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch Part 2

How to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch Part 2

By Michele Scism The Results Lady In the last post I shared with you four things I did for my current product launch, Social Media Manager Profits™, that really worked well.  Well I thought in this post I would share with you a few lessons I learned and what I will be...
How to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch Part 2

How to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch

By Michele Scism The Results Lady Recently I launched a new product in my business. It wasn't the first launch I have had but it is the first really successful product launch.  I have been thinking about what the difference was and what I will improve on before we...

Social Media Managers in High Demand

By Michele Scism The Results Lady Wow! As I was doing the research for my free 3 part video series “Six Figure Social Media System” I have to tell you I was still shocked at the demand for social media managers. A social media manager is a person who...

How to Build a Six Figure Business Using Social Media

Social media is still in its infancy – think about this in February of 2010 Facebook reached 400 Million users.  As of July 2011, they now have over 600 Million users.  That means that over 30% of Facebook users have less than 1 year of experience on Facebook. ...

Social Media Manager vs. Social Media Community Manager

I need your help!  It's no secret I love social media.  I think it has absolutely opened a world of possibilities for small business owners like you and me.  What I have noticed lately is that more business owners are realizing that this is something that can easily...