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Use Your Love of Social Media to Create A Thriving Home Business

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past six months and have been saddened by the stories of all the people who are struggling to get by and frustrated with my conversations with business owners.

70% of them want to hire a social media manager — but they can’t find one that has the skill and professionalism they need. Rachel Strella and I teach these skills in our program. The students from the last session of SMMP are finding clients, making connections and are well on their way to starting successful social media businesses. I wanted to share a guest post from one of those students today.

Is Social Media Too Time Consuming for Small Businesses?

Did you know that less than half of small businesses use social media to market their business? That’s what a recent survey from the small business insurance firm Hiskos says. According to the survey, 47% of small business owners rated social media as “unimportant” in their marketing efforts. Of the 53% who use social media – only 12% use it regularly. Here’s how to make more time for social media.