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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Recently I launched a new product in my business. It wasn't the first launch I have had but it is the first really successful product launch.  I have been thinking about what the difference was and what I will improve on before we re-launch in a month or so.

Would you like to know what I think I did right?

I have an amazing team behind me

That made a huge difference.  For this launch, I had a great team.  I have an amazing online business manager who acts as a project director, I have an assistant to work on emails and scheduling and others who do everything in between.  I also have systems in place that are automated so that those mundane things that have to be taken care of in business got done even when I was super busy with the launch.

This time I took time to prepare

OK to those who know me I know you are thinking – what do you mean took time to prepare?  Well I didn't come up with an idea and launch within 3 weeks like I have done in the past.  This time from the point when I came up with the idea to the day we launched was actually 4 months.  I got together with my online business manager, Meredith, and we put out a complete plan – covering everything from website development to affiliate promotions to product delivery and everything else that has to happen to put out a great product.

I know I am stepping on a few toes here because it is often said that when you have a great idea you have to jump on it and launch before someone else can.  I am not completely disagreeing with that.  I am just saying that this time with some real planning I had much more success.

I partnered with a fabulous joint venture partner to create the product

Could I create the product – absolutely!  But did I really need to?  My goal with this project is to teach entrepreneurs how to become Social Media Managers.  So I partnered with a very successful Social Media Manager, Rachel Strella, to create the product.  We call it “Social Media Manager Profits™”.

The reason I wanted to create the product was because I have so many business owners who are constantly asking me to do their social media marketing for them or to help them find someone to hire.  So I started talking to people who were supposed Social Media Managers and realized this is harder than I thought.  A lot of them really didn't know what they were doing so I couldn't' refer them to these business owners and let me tell you – I take referrals personally!!

So back to why I decided to have her create the product.  Looking at what I do best – promotions – connecting with people – speaking etc.  I can absolutely produce products but why not focus my talents on promoting and connecting etc.

We focused on affiliates

Huge lesson learned during my last launch – you can't go it alone.  For this launch I had so many affiliates out spreading the word for me.  Talk about leveraging your time.  I took my 24 hours a day and multiplied it by 50+.  We focused on providing tools for our affiliates.  We created a nice affiliate share of the price.  Plus we added an affiliate contest.  If you haven't been through this before – there is something amazing about having a team of people out all over social media and the web telling everyone how fabulous you are and your new product is.  Do yourself a favor and just try it!!

So what will I change next time?

You'll have to tune in for part two in a couple of days to find out!!!!