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Social media is still in its infancy – think about this in February of 2010 Facebook reached 400 Million users.  As of July 2011, they now have over 600 Million users.  That means that over 30% of Facebook users have less than 1 year of experience on Facebook.  One could also conclude that those statistics hold steady for business owners as well.

I spend a lot of my time traveling and speaking to small business groups about social media and I can say with certainty that they understand the power behind social media and they agree that it is changing our lives but they have no clue how to harness the power of social media to promote their businesses.

Actually I get asked on a very regular basis if I will do their social media marketing for them.  Since that isn't something that I do in my business, I work with them to help them find a social media manager that fits their business.

This scenario keeps playing it's self out in my life over and over and finally I realized that there are 2 big needs here.  First, small business owners need to know how to harness the power of social media marketing which can change their business and second there is a huge need for people, social media professionals, to help these small business owners.

2 Paths to 6 Figures

It actually became quite clear to me during this process that if we can fix these two problems then we would have 2 paths that you could take to build a six figure business using social media.

First, using social media marketing to promote your products and services you can quickly grow almost any business to six figures.  I know, I have done that over the last 18 months. 95% of my clients have come from relationships I started on social media.

Second, there is a huge opportunity for service providers to help these businesses with their social media marketing.  I just did a quick search for social media manager jobs on Google and SimplyHired.com has over 29,000 job postings by companies who are looking for social media managers.  I'd say that's an opportunity!