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Using Testimonials to Promote Yourself

You’ve just been to a fabulous event – the host asks for testimonials. Should you step up to the camera? Absolutely. Here’s why. If you give a good testimonial, then not only to you build a relationship with the event host (always important!), you also get promoted as the host proudly displays your testimonial as they promote their product. Plus, who doesn’t want to be counted as a success story 🙂

How to stop being the best kept secret in your industry

How to stop being the best kept secret in your industry

Are you the best kept secret in your industry? I have met so many talented entrepreneurs who could truly changes lives of many people … but the people who could benefit can’t find them. If this sounds like you, you could have a visibility problem…

Visibility is the glue that holds all other strategies together when it comes to achieving expert status as a business owner. Each strategy gets your name out among other business owners, movers and shakers and potential clients. Being seen goes a long way with the word-of-mouth crowd.