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You've just been to a fabulous event – the host asks for testimonials.  Should you step up to the camera?  Absolutely.  Here's why.  If you give a good testimonial, then not only to you build a relationship with the event host (always important!), you also get promoted as the host proudly displays your testimonial as they promote their product.  Plus, who doesn't want to be counted as a success story 🙂

I recently attended the Diva Toolbox conference in Boston which was awesome (you should go next year if you can… I'll be there for sure…)  I was impressed with the content, the networking and the wonderful people I met.  So, I gave Janet the following testimonial:

Here are the three keys to creating an effective testimonial (notice I use them all in the testimonial that I gave to Janet).

1.  Build your own credibility. People want to read testimonials from people who have used the product and are successful.  I mentioned that I do have a team in place and that I use joint venture partners.  People reading the testimonial will know that I am past the very beginning stages of my business.

2. Highlight the benefits Highlight the specific benefits you got (or will get) from the product.  The Diva Toolbox conference was a networking event – so I highlighted the connections I made. The Toolbox event was also about matching potential clients with customers so I wrote about how I found some great people to add to my team.

3. Objection overcomer  Perhaps many of the people didn't come to the conference because it was a multi-day event.  I addressed that objection by saying that I thought that the multi-day format was more powerful.

If you include 2 or 3 of these keys in your next testimonial, there is a great chance the even promoter will use it (and end up promoting you at the same time).