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I am so excited to be able to introduce you to our Guest Blogger Melanie Kissell.  I was blessed to meet Melanie during a recent blog challenge that we both participated in and I love the work she is doing with Mompreneurs.  Thanks Melanie for this post!

Guest post by
Melanie Kissell

As a solo entrepreneur, you need to sizzle like a hot summer night!

And if you want your sizzle to Spark, then start boosting your visibility and credibility by giving your inner being a makeover.

Here are four makeover tips for creating the NEW You:

1) Take a Deep Breath, Go Out on a Limb, and Tell Your Story

Unmasking what’s behind your products, programs, and services is the most compelling piece of marketing strategy you own.  You can’t trump authenticity, honesty, and transparency in the world of online marketing.  Nothing is more powerful than chiseling away at the exterior to reveal the human spirit within.  Cross over that scary imaginary line and decide to stop keeping your story to yourself!

2) Answer these questions to help you Claim Your Expertise

What real world training or life experiences do you have?

What problems do you solve?

What awards have you won or books have you written?

What kinds of things are people always coming to you for help with?

Who do you serve?

What sorts of activities do you find most stimulating?

What motivates you to plant your feet on the floor and get out of bed in the morning?

What are three words people would use to describe you?

3) Become Unforgettable in the Minds of Your Target Audience

Experts with sizzle share information “memorably”.  Draw upon your creativity, your passion, your sense of humor, and your energy!  Travel off the beaten path and don’t be afraid to use your unique gifts and talents to stand out from the crowd.  Become the go-to person. Don't be ORDINARY. Personally brand YOU. Your personality and unique FLAIR are as special as your fingerprints.

4) Create some Buzz!

Toot your own horn with a louder note than others in your niche!  Exude confidence.  Find your passion and work with your strengths.  Share your accomplishments.  Get powerful testimonials to serve as social proof and increase your perceived value. Accept invitations to do presentations, teleclasses, guest blogging, podcasts, and interviews. Become a sought after, recognized expert.

Stepping up and claiming your expertise will literally cement you in to a whole new way of thinking, working, engaging, and living your life.

Thanks, Michele, for the invitation to post as your guest!


Melanie Kissell is a big dog lover, single mom, Nascar fan, avid blogger, affiliate marketer, and founder of Solo Mompreneur.  She works with Single Womenpreneurs who show great tenacity and passion for their business, but who are short on time, exhausted, and tapped out financially.  Melanie focuses on sharing low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies with her target audience.