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Are you ready to build a seven figure empire?  I can show you how I created my seven figure coaching business.  Here are the key steps.  

1.  Laser Focus  You will only build your empire by focusing like a laser.  You will only make the money you need by becoming an expert at something, and doing that one thing well and with passion.  You can only become an expert at one thing at a time.  Think about all the projects you have doing right now.  How could your life change if dropped all of them but one – and just focused on that for the next 60 days?

2) Once you've chosen your “thing” make it your goal to learn as much about how to do your thing as possible.  Invest in your education.  Become the go-to person that other people come to for advice.

3)  Take action!  You need to know when the time for learning is done.  Many people get the equivalent of the Ph.D. in online marketing without ever implementing ANY of things they've learned.  Once you learn something new, stop and apply what you've learned.  Then, wait until you get to a roadblock and THEN learn some more.

4)  Break out of the cookie cutter.  There are hundreds of entrepreneurs out there who just model their mentors.  It is the ones that add their own flair that break out and succeed.

5)  Think big–bigger than you are.  The biggest limit I see for most of my clients is in their own minds.   If you don't think you can make lots of money  – you are usually right.  If you know you can succeed – you are usually right about that too 🙂

6)  Be willing to give it everything.  When you were in school and you just wanted that degree, what did you do?  You gave it everything you needed to graduate.  You stayed up late at night studying.  You did whatever it took.  What about your last job hunt?  You had been out of work for awhile.  You needed that job.  So what did you do?  Everything you had to to get it.  That's what YOU have to do to be successful.

Want more shortcuts?  Join me on March 14 and get the exact step by step blueprint I used to plan and create my seven figure online empire.  (You'll also be helping me raise $10K for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.)