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Consulting For The Business Owner
Who Wants Control Over Their Time, Financial Independence, and the Freedom of Choice!

Small Business Consulting: Stop Working In Your Business and Start Working On It! 

Michele Scism

“Embracing change and exploring new opportunities is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship. Selling a small business can be the key to unlocking fresh ventures, enabling owners to capitalize on their hard work, create new legacies, and pave the way for continued growth in the dynamic landscape of business.”

Michele Mere

Michele Scism

“Embracing change and exploring new opportunities is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship. Selling a small business can be the key to unlocking fresh ventures, enabling owners to capitalize on their hard work, create new legacies, and pave the way for continued growth in the dynamic landscape of business.”

Michele Mere

Can I really sell my small business? 

    Selling a small business is a viable and common undertaking, but success hinges on careful planning, preparation, and execution. Assessing the market conditions, understanding your business's value, and having a clear strategy are pivotal.

    We start with our clients by conducting a thorough evaluation of your business's financial health, assets, and market positioning. This groundwork not only establishes a realistic asking price but also enables you to present a compelling case to potential buyers.

    In this process, knowledge is power. First, knowing what your business is currently worth and then understanding all the options that are available to you.

    Preparation is a critical phase in the process of selling. Address any operational inefficiencies, enhance the business's overall appeal, and organize financial records for transparency. A well-prepared business not only attracts more serious buyers but also streamlines the due diligence process, making the transition smoother for both parties involved.

    Keep in mind that maintaining confidentiality is crucial to prevent any disruptions in your business operations until a deal is finalized.

    Engaging in effective marketing is key to reaching potential buyers. Utilize various channels such as online platforms, industry networks, and professional business brokers to maximize exposure. Craft a persuasive sales memorandum highlighting the strengths and growth potential of your business.

    Throughout negotiations, stay open to discussions, be transparent, and build trust with potential buyers. With the right approach and guidance, selling your small business is not only possible but can also lead to a successful and rewarding transition.

    After 25 years in the golf course aeration business, it was clear we were in trouble. The business was declining and I wasn't sure if it would even survive. That is when I reached out to Michele. She helped me to understand where my business was in trouble and what steps to take to fix it. Within 3 short years, not only had we quadrupled the size of the business but I was able to sell it for the full asking price. I know I couldn't have done this without the strategies that we designed together.

    Tommy St. Romain

    CEO & Founder, Turf Specialties Inc.

    Private Business Consulting With Michele Mere

    Freedom Accelerator
    Freedom Accelerator

    The Freedom Accelerator Program is for Business Owners who want a Faster Path to Achieving Their Business Goals

    “Most entrepreneurs fail because they are working IN their business instead of ON their business.” Micheal Gerber


      Owners Trap
      Owners Trap

      After building a successful business, many business owners realize that the business they thought was going to give them financial freedom and control over their life, is actually sucking up their time and their money.

      We call this the “Owners Trap”. The great news is that this is fixable.

      1. Sure up the foundation of your business

      2. Automate your business systems

      3. Implement the actions based on 8 key drivers that give you the ability to work On Your Business.

      The Freedom Accelerator Program is a 12-Month Private Coaching Program with Michele Mere Designed to Help Small Business Owners  Meet and Exceed Their Goals!

      What I love about working with Michele is that she really feels like a partner and that “we” are doing this business together. I needed someone to run my questions by and to help me strategize. She is always right on with your suggestions. I'm learning a ton. She keeps me hopping! (because I take action right away on everything she tells me to do). I totally recommend that if you are searching for a coach for your business that you check her out.

      Deborah Spiegel

      CEO, TheSpiegelAcademy.com

      “Thank goodness for Michele (Scism) Mere!  I was hosting my first 3 day event and scheduled a VIP Day with her.  I was nervous and had lots of questions.  She had all of the answers. Michele shared her “secrets” as well as what she had observed in the industry.  Not only that, she also helped boost my confidence. In our time together, she helped me map out my entire 3 day event resulting into my very successful, first multi-6-figure event in sales.

      As a result of what I learned during our time together, I have continued to host annual multi-6-figure events.   One of the reasons I like Michele so much is that she understand my core value of being in integrity as she comes from that place, too.  Michele is a treasure and I highly recommend her services.”

      Kate Beeders


      Why Hire a Business Consultant

      The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, empowering, and extremely overwhelming. It can also be lonely because your family, your friends, and even your employees do not know what it is like to be the owner.

      Working with the right business consultant means having someone to brainstorm business strategy with that has been through what you are going through.

      As a business owner, you should consider a consultant if you feel like….

      * You are working too hard in your business and the rewards are too few.

      * You have no personal life because your life is consumed by your business.

      * You can't see how your business could ever work without you.

      * Your business doesn't create consistent, predictable results.

      * You don't have a consistent flow of new prospects coming into your business.

      We all need help, advice, and support. Sometimes we simply need someone who has done it before to tell us what to do and how to do it.

      And more than that we need someone to believe when we can’t believe.

      Michele Mere has built multi-million dollar businesses and can help you do the same.

      The Decisive Mind coaching programs have been developed with a customized approach in mind, so no matter what level your business is at, or what industry you are in, the program will be catered to fit your needs. This means a customized approach to sales, marketing, content, branding, and everything else that is vital in the creation of a legacy business.

      We welcome you to browse our one-of-a-kind coaching programs below to find the program that is right for your business and your budget.

      Before I started working with Michele (Scism) Mere, I had a lot of knowledge about marketing my business but did not know where to begin. With the guidance and accountability built into the program, I was able to break even on my investment into the program in the first 6 months. I've had more success with this program than with any other mentor program or course I have purchased.

      Pat Iyer

      Founder, PatIyer.com