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Did you know that less than 25% of the people who register for a free teleseminar, webinar, or telesummit will show up to the call? And less than 5% of the people who don't show up, will ever listen to the replay. When you are using teleseminars and webinars to build your visibility and sell your products, those statistics suck. What can you do to get more people on your webinar?

In this week's episode of the Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast, I share my easy surprise to get more people on your webinar.

Are you struggling with getting your teleseminars and webinars filled, or maybe they aren't making you any money? I have done over 500 webinars since starting Decisive Minds and made lots of money with a few simple strategies that you can quickly implement in your business.  

It all starts with your webinar registration page. To get more people on your webinar you should start with a converting webinar page. Click here to read a great post about 3 reasons your page isn't converting.

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