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Are you looking to make some big shifts in your business in the next yearWhat I learned from working with private clients is that people work really hard and don't have much to show for it — and then the reach a point where they want to give up – if they don't- then -POW! – they make a huge leap toward success.  That's called a turning point.  And, the way to get there faster is to see what has worked for other people.  Shontaye Hawkins will be interviewing successful entrepreneurs (including me!) this week about their turning points. The calls are free – register here.  Here are some quick tips from Shontaye to bring about a quick turning point in your business.

Turning Point Tip #1 – Do You Have an Appreciation System?

Shontaye Hawkins

Business ideas, vision and goals become a reality with effective systems. Systems are an integral part of growing your business. They help create that world class experience you want your clients to have. Systems go beyond the software you use to run your business. They are the processes and procedures, oftentimes behind the scenes that support your business.

The one system that you may have neglected up until this point – is a system by which you acknowledge and celebrate yourself as a business owner. You’re a champion for your clients, your family and your friends. Isn’t it about time you be a champion for yourself?

Turning Point Tip #2 – Do you cultivate yourself?

Success doesn’t just happen it begins with your mindset. You get to be the lead architect in defining and designing success in your business and life. In the process, you will have to prune and cut away thoughts, habits and people that stunt your growth.

What are you thinking in this very moment? Slow down and pay attention to your thoughts because they have a huge impact on how you feel and how you show up in your life, in your business for your team and your clients/customers. If your thoughts aired on national radio for millions of others to hear, would those thoughts be positive or negative? Remember, small shifts in your thoughts, create big results.