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How to Find More Followers on Twitter

Do you want more followers on Twitter? Right now, there is a bit of a controversy whether more followers = better on Twitter. When you get a lot of followers it is probably true that a few hundred followers might be just as effective for you as a few thousand. But, many of the people who read this blog are just starting to use Twitter and need to build a critical mass to start with. Just make sure that you keep your following small enough so that you can pay attention and interact with them rather than just having them scroll through your Twitter feed.

Twitter Basics: 8 Great Reasons Why You Need To Still Be on Twitter

When people get started with social media – they tend to start with Facebook. Twitter seems to be a lot of work for little return. Business owners complain that they don’t have time to keep up with Twitter in real time. Depending on your business model, Twitter can be a great way to reach out and communicate with your customers.

Here are eight ways that being on Twitter can help your business.

Daily Twitter Inspiration

By Michele Scism The Results Lady I thought I would take a moment to share a little of the wisdom I found on Twitter today.  Enjoy! @Flipbooks tweeted:  “When the world says, “Give up” hope whispers, “Try it one more time” – Author...
Blog Neglect Forgiveness

Blog Neglect Forgiveness

By Michele Scism The Results Lady Oh my mind is racing. Today is July 1st and that means so many things. First, it means I just had another birthday and yes I re-celebrated my 39th birthday. I am not concerned about that fact because I heard Betty White say she was...

The Social Media Power of a Few Friends

By Michele Scism The Results Lady Do you know the power of a few friends? If your a mother, a friend can save your sanity by watching your child for a little while.  If you get ill, a friend will bring you medicine and soup, like my friend Peggy did for me last time. ...