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I have been really impressed with some of the great blog posts coming out of this session of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.   So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite posts from the Blog Challenge each week. If you are looking for a blog post topic, adding a weekly summary is a great way to help other bloggers out and share some terrific content with your audience.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is all about accountability. Janine an Jo or Love Your Small Business give some awesome tips on how to be more accountable in their post.
If you are having trouble getting your posts done in the first place,  Sarah Cook has a great sticky note brain dump system  that will help you cam all the racing thoughts, get more sleep and get more done.

If you need to come up with something to write, Yours Creativeally shows us a great wordpress plugin for creating an editorial calendar.  My favorite WordPress guy Paul Taubman also wrote a great post on how to put together a posting schedule.
If you follow me at all on social media, you know that I love quotes.  I absolutely love it when people give me lists of quotes to tweet and put on Facebook.  This week, MJ Schrader posted some profound quotes from Steve Jobs.   Katie Wilber shared some great quotes to use in social media marketing.

Finally,  Ultimate Blog Challenge co-host Michelle Shaeffer shared a neat trick for creating your own tweet it page.

Keep up the blogging everyone!  Don't forget to tweet your posts with the hashtag #blogboost so we can find them to retweet, share and comment!