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When moms first began blogging, barely anyone took notice. Now, even the captains of industry are taking notice. What is it exactly that has made mom bloggers so popular?

Mom blogs have far reaching influence. Originally moms found journaling to be a way to relax and share stories. But, with the advent of social networking, moms began to connect with others and form friendships and alliances they treasured while relieving the stress of day-to-day life.

Here are a few reasons why mom blogs are being watched carefully:

  • Moms are knowledgeable. Mothers come from all walks of life and generations. You have the baby boomers, Generation X and the new Millennium moms to name a few. Each brings a fresh perspective to their blog about life and raising children. For newbie moms, the women they call “mom mavens” offer trusted advice on everything from raising children to saving the environment.
  • Moms can blog anywhere. All mom bloggers don’t sit home all day on the computer. They have jobs and blog after work, on the train, during naptime and at the park. With so many technological gadgets at their disposal, when the inspiration hits, they can share it right away with the world.
  • Moms are genuine. With so much information on the Internet today, it is hard to know what is true and what is constructed as a veiled sales pitch to influence you. The main motivation for mom blogs is to share their experiences and connect with other adults. When you run a business from your home or home-school your children, there is little adult interacting going on.
  • Moms hold the family purse strings. Even if mom isn’t the major or a 50 percent breadwinner, she is the one who decides how the money is spent. With more than 80 million moms in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), that is a lot of buying power. Here’s a scenario: Let’s say that a mom discovers a minivan that has all the amenities she needs to haul her three kids and their friends to sporting events and dance recitals. She will recommend that vehicle on her blog and those looking for a new car will flock to that dealer.
  • Moms are not afraid of technology anymore. Before, moms went to the Internet to find information and see what was out there. Now, moms are embracing social networking and Internet marketing as a way to reach more moms and keep up with their families. Moms are not just carrying the diaper bag when they leave the house but also the PDA, the mp3 player and the cell phone which doubles as both a PDA and a music player.

If you haven’t visited a mom blog, you are missing out on a wealth of information.  Well you can't say you haven't visited one anymore – You Just Read One!