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Online VisibilityAre you tired of being the best-kept secret in your niche?  If so, you are in the right place.  Let's talk about quick and easy ways to increase your business online visibility, and attract more of your ideal clients.

A successful visibility strategy includes both optimizing your website for search engines and social media engagement.

Optimizing Your Website

Although Search Engine Optimization is a very broad topic that could be a course of its own, most business owners can do a lot to improve their rankings by concentrating on just two areas:

  • Make the Words On Your Website Count:  Spend some time thinking about what questions people are asking in Google to get to your site. Make sure that your site contains those keywords.
  • Get Incoming Links: Spend some time commenting on related blogs so that you become well known in your niche and so that people link to you. Search engines look at incoming links as indicators of site authority. More quality incoming links can often mean an increase in traffic for your site.

Increasing Your Online Visibility Using Social Media

Social media has leveled out the playing field between big and small business.  This is a big topic to cover in a quick paragraph — in fact, I cover it in-depth in the Social Media Success Bundle.  In a nutshell, you need to both be where your audience hangs out and engage them in conversation. To make this easier, your website needs to have widgets to share content on all the major social media networks.

Social Media Success Bundle

Blogging for Online Visibility

Your blog is the hub of your online marketing machine.  Each blog post is a new web page — which means you have the opportunity to rank well for your keyword. Keyword-rich blog posts often monopolize the first page of search results. You can also lead people from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to your blog for deeper engagement.

Email is NOT Dead

By getting people to subscribe to your opt-in newsletter, you get permission to stay at the forefront of peoples' minds. Even when they don’t read every newsletter you send out, they’re forced to take any action, even if it’s to delete that email.  I’ve noticed that nothing gets sign-ups faster than an email blast because it is much easier to ignore Facebook posts and tweets.

Don’t Forget To Measure

Using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights will help you know if what you are doing is working.  If you don’t know what is working — then you can’t know what to change.

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