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Earlier today I was speaking with a new client and she said that she “blogs on purpose”. At first that struck me as a funny way of saying it but then it made me start thinking – How many of us are actually blogging on purpose?

Blog on Purpose Decisive Minds

What does “Blogging on Purpose” mean to you?

To me, as a strategic thinker, I do almost everything with a purpose in mind. Blogging is no exception to this rule. When I blog there is purpose in my topic, purpose in my length, purpose in the places I post it. There just seems to be a purpose everywhere!

Blogging on Purpose #1 – Visibility

Although it still shocks me that I enjoy blogging (I really never thought I would) my friends were not phased. They said that they knew I would figure out that it is another way for me to share my opinions. LOL! Yes, I like to voice my opinions.

However, what I feel I am really doing is sharing my knowledge with you. Adding value to your life is the main component of what I consider to be my success in life. By sharing tips, suggestions, and information about things I have learned in business, I can hopefully help you. In return, I get recognized as a leading authority in my field. Not a bad return for my efforts.

Purpose #2 – List Building

Yes, I am actively building a list of email names and addresses. Aren't you? If you are in business one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you is email marketing. I utilize my blog to share information as I mentioned above which I hope will entice my ideal clients and connections to join my email list.

I have an opt-in box on my website where my blogs are, which does offer a really sweet free downloadable ebook, and I also go so far as to include the opt-in box at the end of some blog posts. I can entice people to join my list in other ways using my blog – holding contests, offering teleclasses and sometimes talking about my products and services.

Purpose #3 – SEO

So, what does blogging have to do with SEO? Everything! First, it is great for increasing traffic to your site. You can share your blog posts on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook then when someone clicks to read it they are sent to your website to read it – that's traffic.

Second, search engines want to see updated material on your site on a regular basis. What is the easiest way to get new information on your site – blogging! Also, it makes sense that since every blog has its own individual keywords, that would be an additional plus for search engine ranking.

It seems to me that to “blog on purpose” is a good thing! Why randomly blog when you can take the time to do one thing, write a post, and get multiple benefits from it. That is what I call taking action.

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Originally posted Sept 2010, Updated July 2019