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editorial calendarBlogging – Uggggg! You know you need to but who has the time? Listen, you are making this too hard. Blogging shouldn't take an act of congress, it should simply be a part of your overall marketing strategy. And here is a super simple tip => creating an editorial calendar will make it 10 times easier.

Creating an editorial calendar (a fancy name for a list of what you'll be posting and when you will post it) is my number one way to make sure that I get my blogging done.

Question – how much time have you spent wandering around Target looking at stuff you should even be buying? An hour a week? An hour a month? What if you took that hour a month and planned your content strategy instead? It would change your business.

Create an Editorial Calendar in a few simple steps

Step 1:  Make a list of blog post ideas!

Don't over-complicate this. Get out a yellow note pad or open a Google doc or whatever you take notes on and start to do a “brain dump” of ideas. Stop right now and write down the first 10 things that come to mind. Like…..

*How to reduce credit card fees.
*Should I hire virtual team members?
*What are the quickest ways to get cash into a business?
*Do I need an old fashioned office phone number?
*How do I utilize virtual conferences in my business?
*What numbers are most important in my financial statements?
*How do I hire a good bookkeeper?
*What information should be on my business cards?
*When should I do things in house versus sub-contracting?
*Are American Express fees really higher than other cards?

Now, I just sat here and creating that list in less than 3 minutes. I didn't over-think things, I just wrote down what popped in my head. I can now take those topics and create blog posts for them once I have put them on my editorial calendar and know when I am going to use them.

Step 2:  Create the actual editorial calendar.

You can do this on a Google document, a Word doc, a piece of paper or on your actual calendar. All you need is a list representing the days of the month and then you fill in which post is going out on which days. Note that this is the day you are posting it to your blog so if you want to write it beforehand that will make things easier. We write ours at least a week in advance and then they are prescheduled. You need to determine how many times you want to blog per week. I like 3 times a week. When you are blogging that much you will definitely drive traffic to your website. Notice in the example below in the first 7 days there are 3 posts that are going out:

1st – How to reduce credit card fees.
4th – Should I hire virtual team members?
7th – What are the quickest ways to get cash into a business?
12th – Do I need an old fashioned office phone number?

Your editorial calendar is now complete but it only works if you actually create the blog posts.

That is a totally different subject so here are some blog posts that will help you to get those blog posts created:

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