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Isn't amazing how much attention a play on words can get. Using F Words in the title of this post has gained it a lot of attention. Better than that, I get to share with you my favorite four F Words for business.

The Fabulous Four F Words for Business Success

1. Focus

Focus is my favorite business F-word.   So many entrepreneurs are all over the place. To succeed,  you need to channel your efforts.  A river has a much stronger current than a lake because it has boundaries, direction, and focus. My secret to staying focused; when I encounter a new opportunity, I ask myself is this going to move me further down the road to my goal, or is it just a distraction. If I realize it is a distraction right now, I just write it down on a list of ideas for later.

2. Follow Up

This is key.  The average person needs to see a message 9 to 11 times before it “sticks.”  Most people make an offer once or twice and then give up.  This is a tough one to get used to.  But, if you are worried about “bugging people,” you are not helping them because chances are they didn't even see your message the first time.

3. Failure

Did you know that when you exercise, you tear apart your muscles?  When the tiny tears heal, your muscles become more significant, and you are stronger.  Success is like a muscle.  You need to fail (tear apart the muscle) to get stronger. Every time you fail, you learn and improve.

4. Friends

One of the things I love the most about social media marketing is that collaboration wins over the competition every time.  The more friends that you make, the easier it is to build your audience (and your profits).   Building friendships and relationships are the number one way to build a successful business.

Are there any F's that I missed.  Please leave them in the comments section.

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