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Since I've been posting a lot about consistency lately, I thought I would share what the Buzzboosters,  Shahar and Nash Boyayan posted on the Global Social Media Managers Association blog about what it takes to be consistent at social media.  Let me know in the comments how often you are posting and if you agree with their guidelines… This is a question we get everyday with some variations. How often should I put a video on YouTube? How often should I blog? How often should I Tweet? How often should I update my status on Facebook? I can tell you how often you should post on social media environments when you are doing it for business. There is no rule on this topic but some tests have been done for optimum results. The world is not going to end if you cannot follow one of them. Remember social media marketing is a process and you have to set your goals to get attention from your market, not only visibility. Also take into consideration that you have to provide good content most of the time and 2% of the time have a call to action. Your audience needs to be educated on the fact that you are doing this for business and they should not expect everything for free. i know this is a touchy point but remember you are marketing a business and businesses need to have sales in order to have profits. Lead with good content but remind them of your business. Here it goes: Twitter: 8 to 18 posts a day. Twitter has a short shelf life. Facebook: No more than 3 posts. YouTube: 3 a week (for generic videos, not a Web Show) Blogs: Once a day.