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Facebook live videosFacebook Live videos have become an effective and productive way to engage with your audience. They provide a unique form of content where you’re engaging with your followers in real-time and providing value. Once you’ve created a Facebook Live video, what can you do with the content? Let’s take a look at three ways you can use your content.

Your Initial Facebook Live Videos

These videos can be used for anything from showing a “behind the scenes” view of your business or your life (terrific for entrepreneurs who want to connect with their audience and build their personal brand), to demonstrate how to use a product. Your videos can offer weekly tips or how-tos. You can also interview people in your niche. Ideally, you have live videos as part of your content marketing strategy and you’re creating regular content. So, let’s maximize that content.

Facebook Live Videos Live On

If you’re creating Facebook Live videos then you know that once your video is completed, it’s posted to your timeline. It doesn’t disappear after 24 hours like some video content. This means that a whole new world of opportunity opens up for you.

Embed It – You can now embed the video on your website or blog. You can share it on a private page and use it as an opt-in. You can also simply share it as content. You can add it to a membership area where you provide free or educational content. You can also make the Live video part of an online course. Embedding your Live video is one option.

Add it to Your YouTube Channel – Did you know that you can download your videos and then upload them to YouTube? With this simple step, you’re reaching a wider audience. You can use the YouTube video to drive traffic to your website or to drive traffic to your social media page as well.

Make it a Podcast

When you create your Live video, why not record the audio and turn it into a podcast? Now you’re getting two forms of valuable content from the effort of one. Weekly podcasts are a great way to consistently engage with your audience. And you can share snippets from the video or you can share the whole thing with a recorded intro and a call to action at the end.

With all of these Facebook Live video options, there is one thing that must remain consistent. You want to make sure you have a content plan. What are you going to publish and when are you going to publish it? What’s the goal for the content and what value will it provide your audience? Answer these questions before you create your next video and you’ll be well on your way to video content marketing success.

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