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How to Get More Facebook LikesA quick google search for “How to Get More Facebook Likes” will bring back millions of articles. It is obviously a hot topic so let's talk about it. First, why do you want to get more Facebook likes on your business page?

Instant Social Proof! When someone is deciding on whether to work with you, ask you to speak, or determining your value, they want to know what their peers think. If you have lots of likes on your Facebook page that instantly says that you must know what you are doing.

More Traffic to Your Website! When you build a social media presence, your goal should be to get your followers to your website. There they can read blog posts, watch videos and ultimately sign up for your list.

Community! When you get more Facebook likes you will begin to see an increase in the numbers of people paying attention when you launch new programs or services.

So the question remains – How to Get More Facebook Likes?

How to Get More Facebook Likes With Your Website

Do you have a Facebook Like box on your website right now? If not, that is step 1.Decisive Minds Facebook Like Box

I hear a lot of people say that they don't like the box on their site but I am here to tell you it works.

The second way to get Facebook likes from your website is to have your social media connections buttons on your home page. These buttons are not for someone to share your content, they are for them to connect with you and your company on social media.

The third way is to make sure that your content has social media share buttons. Someone shares your content then their friends see it and hopefully want to know more and end up on your site and the circle begins all over.

How to Get More Facebook Likes With Social Proof

Another powerful element you can use to get more Facebook likes is to post how many other people have already done the same. Think  about this, are you more likely to “Like” something if nobody's liked it or if a hundred of your friends already have? You can see this in action in the Facebook Like box. It shows you your friends who have already liked it. Facebook understands the power of social proof.

As you are posting more content on your Facebook page the ultimate success is to have a post that gets tons of likes and shares. That means people are seeing your Facebook page name and can easily hover over it and click on the like button.

 How to Get More Facebook Likes With Your Content

One overlooked technique for getting more Facebook likes is to simply ask for it. The call-to-action is so intuitive that some people leave it out. Yet the simple act of asking for it can make a big difference.

An even more effective way to ask for that call-to-action is to give some sort of incentive for it. For example, tell people to “Like” your page, then post on your wall if they want to enter a contest. Since there's such a strong incentive, they're much more likely to do so than if it were free.

Let's practice the ask right now! 

Remember that getting more likes on your Facebook page is your responsibility. You need to give people many opportunities to like your page.

If you use social proof, make your buttons prominent, ask for the action in your content, and you'll have a very high visitor-to-action ratio at the end of the day.