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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

This is the third post in a little series about things I learned on social media.  You  can read the first post “3 Things I Learned on Twitter Today” and the second post “3 Things I Learned on LinkedIn Today” by clicking on the titles.

So what did learn on Facebook today?

1.  I learned that one of the most sexy guys in the universe was going to be on Chelsea Lately tonight – sorry I had to stop the post and go check it out but I am back.

2.  I learned that my good friend Shahar Boyayan of Buzz Boosters fame had added me to one of the new groups Facebook has just come out with.  This one is called “Engagers” and check it out I am in with some great people.  I am really excited to be added to the group.  Now I just have to figure out how to use the group to connect with these powerful people.

3.  I learned that our Fan Page – Decisive Minds, Success Strategies for Women Business Owners reached the 2000 fans level today.  Awesome!

I would love to know what you learned on social media today?

Also I have had so many people ask me about how I got these images for the 3 posts.  I am using a fabulous program called Snagit from a company called TechSmith.  I paid about $50 for it and it was well worth it.  Really makes your presentations look so much better.  Just thought I would share.  They also make Camtasia which is a screen recording program.  I have heard great things about it but have never used it.