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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Well I went to Twitter a moment ago because I got this brilliant idea to do a short series of blog posts on things that I learn from social media sites.

Imagine my surprise when I open Twitter and get the news that there is a new Twitter layout!  WooHoo!  I am so excited.  I am not always one for change but the first thing I notice is that the screen is wider so I can see more information at one time.

This probably means I am getting old but that little twitter screen was starting to be a little hard for me to read.  Hmmmm….  OK keep that to yourself.

I love, love, love all the new info available about the tweets and who is sending them and who is mentioned in them and who is re-tweeting them.  Talk about an amazing new tool to connect with the people that matter!!

OK – Now why I went to Twitter in the first place –

3 Things I Learned on Twitter Today!

1. That it's a bummer to be able to still count my money!

2. That I can create even more attention on Facebook!

3. That there are a lot of fabulous bloggers participating in Octobers Ultimate Blog Challenge! This is just a screen shot of the #blogboost search I did.