Success Strategies for Business Owners

Increased Visibility Equals Increased Expert Status

By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Expert status or as I prefer to call it “Leading Authority Status” is actually a fantastic client attraction tool!

How do you quickly increase your expert status?  Increase your Visibility!!

You may have a strong business idea and a great product, but are you doing everything you can to be seen by the right people? Increasing your visibility can change the way that potential customers see you and your business.

Visibility is the glue that holds all other strategies together when it comes to achieving expert status as a business owner and therefore attracting more clients.

Each strategy gets your name out among other business owners, movers and shakers and potential clients.

Remember being seen goes a long way with the word-of-mouth crowd.

Here are a few ways that you can increase your visibility:

  • Attend business seminars
  • Public speaking
  • Write press releases
  • Start a blog
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Use Social Media

If you are comfortable doing what you are doing and it works for you, still try at least one or two of these ideas. No one ever made a fortune playing it safe or being comfortable. That comes later on when you are the “Big Cheese”.

When you are on Facebook and a fellow business owner is looking for speakers for his online conference or a local event in your area, throw your hat in the ring.

Someone in one of your associations needs advice or a speaker for the next meeting? Take that spot for yourself. Every opportunity places another feather in your cap.

It is a point that you can add to your bio and also your press releases for new products or events.

And, you can create newsletters for your customers. Sending a monthly or quarterly newsletter about your business gives you the chance to add information about accomplishments that have occurred since the last newsletter.

Each solidifies your expert status in the eyes of current and potential customers. Newsletters can be printed and passed around to others.

I have used a combination of these and other steps to build my leading authority status.  I am very active on Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.  You are reading my blog.  I attend a lot of business seminars where I make valuable contacts.  I speak publicly for local organizations as well as participate in many tele-classes.

As a matter of fact – at the last seminar I attended I actually had another attendee run up to me and say “I can’t believe I am meeting The Results Lady – I see you everywhere!”  That affirmed that my methods are working.

Achieving expert status inspires confidence on the part of customers and fellow business owners. Increasing your visibility is the first step and the information in this article can help you do just that.


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  1. Hi Michele,

    Great article – here’s an artcle I recently wrote about thought leadership expert status:


  2. This article is so right on. We women, especially, have a tendency to “hide our light under a bushel.” You give us a first class list of ways to increase visibility. Thanks so much— and thanks also for the Client Attraction Summit! Very valuable information.

  3. As expected, super great stuff!

    Things are a very frustrating for me when it comes to gaining more visibility, Michele. No excuses here, just the plain old honest facts.

    As much I yearn to do public speaking (I love it!) and attend business seminars, my job commitments in the offline world leave me with no wiggle room whatsoever for booking speaking engagements or traveling to workshops or seminars. 🙁

    So, for now, I’m just workin’ my fanny off with the goal of saying good riddance to the corporate world! And I’m praying that will happen within the next year.

    Thanks for a wonderful post with awesome insight,

  4. Michele,

    This post is very helpful for those looking at how to increase their visibility. There are several ideas here that will help me as I start a small business. Thanks for sharing.


    • Great Chris – I am so excited that you found it useful! Keep me informed on how it is going. I can’t wait to see what you apply first. Thanks for commenting, Michele

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