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Credibility is Your ResponsibilityStop complaining because people don’t know about you! Stop wondering if others see you as credible! If you want to earn top dollar, it’s clear you’ll first have to become the go-to expert in your industry. Once you wrap your brain around the fact that your credibility is your responsibility and not the responsibility of anyone else out there, your business will change drastically.

Here are a few ways that you can build your credibility:

Content Creation. This is by far the most important thing you can do to grow your audience and your credibility. Blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, and self-paced training programs—whether free or paid—are the building blocks of your empire, and if you want to earn top dollar, you first have to put in the work to create a solid foundation. Want to know more about creating content? Check out this blog post => 3 Greatest Ways to Create Blog Content Without Writing a Word

Video. This is where a lot of people struggle. Maybe you hate the sound of your voice or you hate how you look on video. I get it! It took me a year to get brave enough to get in front of the camera. Remember, your potential clients want to get to know you better and video truly builds instant credibility. If credibility is your responsibility then what are you waiting for?

Write a Book. The big daddy of content, a real, physical book can skyrocket your credibility and pave the way for amazing opportunities. Now, we’re not talking about Kindle books here (although they do have their place in your overall content plans). No, for this, you want to publish a printed book—and if you can attract the attention of a publishing house rather than going the self-publishing route, that lends more credibility.

Speaking. Nothing says “I’m an expert” quite like taking the stage and speaking in front of a group. If you haven’t already begun to speak, then go out and actively seek opportunities that are a good fit. Don’t be afraid to start small—at your local Chamber of Commerce or a recurring MeetUp group—but keep an eye on the big stage, too, and be open for the chance to wow a crowd with your expertise. Not sure what you would talk about? Check out this blog post about how I create my talks and my speaker sheet.

Host a Webinar. Want to really blow your audience away with your skills and build instant credibility? Plan and host a webinar. It is the perfect way for you to get started. You need an opt-in page and then just invite people to join you. It’s just a class done over the phone or the computer. Don’t overthink this.

Remember, too, no matter which credibility-boosting method you’re using, it will only work if you put it out in front of people. So don’t just start a podcast, market it. Don’t step onto a stage of any size without shouting about it to the rooftops, and never ever write a book without a big launch. Credibility and visibility go hand in hand, so do everything you can to get the word out about your achievements. And remember that Credibility if Your Responsibility!