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Decisive CashDo you remember when I posted about how to build your community with social media? Well now, I'm following up with a post on how to use that community to make more money in your business. Imagine what it would be like to turn your community into cash. Sweet, right!

1. We can use social media to build relationships with our community.

We can offer potential clients free training and free reports in exchange for their email addresses. This exchange allows us to  build an email marketing list using an opt-in box, which is a vital key to online marketing success.

We can then start to market to them. Maybe we offer them a free strategy session to discuss our products or services, a free demo of our product, or a preview call to explain the benefits of working with us. All of these end with an invitation to purchase our product or service.

2. As the leader of the community you become the gate keeper to the community.

There are other people that might be great joint venture partners for you and would like to promote their products and services to your audience in exchange for a flat fee or commission on sales.

3. You could host exclusive events for the members of your community. 

Meet-ups,  1-day seminars, and or virtual trainings, are great opportunities to connect with your community and invite them to work with you further.

4. If you have a retail store you could offer exclusive discounts or gifts to get them to come into your store.

At this point the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. What could you do to get your community to interact with you? Then they become more than just community members, they become raving fans and want to share you even more than before.

What do you offer to your community?  If you want to learn more about building a community (also known as your list) download a copy of my report on list building below.