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5 Tricks for Using Keywords In Your Blog Posts

5 Tricks for Using Keywords In Your Blog Posts

Using keywords in your blog posts is one way to make sure that your audience sees your posts. I know there is a lot of confusion about keywords (and many people who will charge you a lot of money to find them for you).

Quite simply, keywords are just the words that people type into Google or their search engine of choice to find you. One of the best ways to find keywords (besides using the google keyword tool) is to join forums and facebook groups with your ideal clients — take note of the words they use to describe their problems. Those are likely to be excellent keywords for you.

Keywords:  Why Do They Matter?

Keywords: Why Do They Matter?

Knowing how to use keywords is essential to creating an effective website. The internet is a giant database — all of the information is sorted and organized by topic and the keywords that best describe the information. By paying attention to keywords and search phrases, you can position your site to be found more easily on the web.

Here are six good reasons why keywords matter:

Are you paying attention to your audience?

Did you know that your social media accounts are a gold mine of information about your prospects. Often small business owners get wrapped up in sending out information via social media — that they don’t bother to track the information that their clients are giving them every day via interaction. Keeping track of the results of your posts will help you to build relationships more quickly because you’ll be giving more of what they’ve been reacting to.