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The secret to getting new clients using social media is all in the relationship building, but how do you do that? Did you know that posting frequently is one of the best ways to build your community, credibility and relationships with others?

The big question becomes “What do I post?” Should it be your own content? Does it have to be original? Should it always be funny? What if no one reacts to my posts? Ugh, all those thoughts can make you want to pull your hair out.

Ultimately what we want is for people to be intrigued and interested enough to keep coming back. How do you know if your posts are intriguing and interesting? It takes trial and error. The whole throw the spaghetti at the wall approach. LOL

1. Who cares who's content it is?

I think the biggest shift for me, when it came to what to say on social media, occurred the day I realized I didn't have to be the person to create the content to get credit for the content. I AM NOT SAYING STEAL PEOPLE'S STUFF! What I am saying is share other peoples content. I call it the 50/50 rule. 50% of the time you post your own original content and then 50% of the time you share great blog posts or social media posts that you find that were created by others.

How does that get new clients? Well, when I share great content people see me as an expert. It doesn't even have to be my content. I don't need people saying “Michele knows all there is to know about business.” I want people saying “Michele will know how to get that answer.”

2. Visual, Visual, Visual

When do you feel like a social media post has been successful? How about when it has 638 views on the video, 60+ likes and 20 comments? Well that is exactly what this video of me dancing got in a matter of days after I posted it. It worked because people love video and images. It is proven – don't even waste time wondering if you should do it!

Michele Scism Dancing

How does this video of me dancing get new clients? Sometimes our potential clients need to know we are human too. This video in intriguing and shows a side of me that most people in the online world don't know about. I don't talk often about the fact that I am a champion country western dancer. It also creates that Wow moment and people buy on emotion. This stirs emotion.

Get New Clients: The Links Have It!

How many times today, this week or even this month, have you posted something on any social media platform with a link back to your website? Remember that people don't usually buy directly from social media sites but they do love to click to find out more.

Social media is where you start the conversations that eventually get new clients. We have to get them to leave social media to accomplish that. Sharing your blog posts or a link to your freebie gets them to your website. Sharing a link to a webinar you are teaching or an event you are hosting gets them not only to your website but also into a situation where they hear your voice or see your face. What can you share today that links to more great information for them to consume and solidify that relationship with you?


I can already hear you saying “But Michele, I don't have time for all this” and that is more than likely the case. What I can tell you is that over the last 10+ years we have seen a huge shift in the way business is done and you had better take the time to figure this out. Of course there are resources to help us. Actually I wrote a great blog post about the tool that I use to automate some of these processes for me. Check it out => Social Media Automation Tool: CoSchedule. In the post I talk about how I use CoSchedule to keep my sanity!