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CoScheduleIn 2015 I was frustrated with my inconsistency at posting on social media. Yes, I post a lot more than the average person and at the same time I had a social media marketing plan I wanted to follow, but I was missing things. I would put a new blog post on my site and then forget to share it on Facebook or LinkedIn. I would agree to promote a telesummit I was participating in and forget to go do that. Then I was introduced to CoSchedule and I have completely fallen in love.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a super easy content marketing calendar program. It is an automation tool that will allow you to pre-schedule your social media posts and sequences. In the image below you can see a quick glimpse of my pre-scheduled social media posts. That is a combination of new and old blog posts as well as JV promotions. 


How does CoSchedule work?

It is so easy. As a non-techie, this is a simple drag and drop program. It’s easy to set up templates that make it super simple for you to take one post and send it out as many times as you want over your social media platforms. At Decisive Minds, our goal is to have every blog post seen at least 25 times in the first month. I love that it seamlessly connects to Facebook (both Personal and Business), Twitter, LinkedIn (both Personal and Business), Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler and Google+.

Oh and I almost forgot, I love the WordPress integration. So simple. I made a decision in 2010 that I was going to blog 3 times a week. That means 3 blog posts per week that need to be shared on all social media platforms. When my team member adds my blog posts to our site, with a couple of clicks she can start the CoSchedule template. We have our blog post template is setup to automate 25 different social media posts over a 32 day period. For example, on day 1 the blog post will be shared on my personal Facebook, Twitter, my business LinkedIn and one of my groups on Facebook. Day 2 the same blog is shared on Twitter, Facebook fan page, Pinterest and our Facebook business page. Day 3 and 4 it is not shared. Day 5 it is shared on Twitter again, LinkedIn personal profile and a different group on Facebook. The template is designed to spread out the posts so there is no apparent pattern but now you know my secret. 



The Way We Use CoSchedule

As I said earlier, we use the WordPress Plugin to schedule every blog post to be posted at least 25 times on many different social media platforms over a 32 day period. Also another benefit of CoSchedule is the Headline Analyzer – love it.

Another aspect of CoSchedule I love is the Top Content report. With that I know which of my blog posts have been shared the most. Then I can continue to schedule that content to go out more because I know it is the most popular.

Here is a great video that will share even more insider tips….