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Ever wonder how those people who “appear” of of nowhere or hit it out of the park on the first swing do it?  Does is seem unfair that you've been putting your nose to the grindstone and working VERY hard, but you aren't getting anywhere?  Do you wonder why is it that some people have all the luck?   Let me ask you an important question….

Are You Ready for Success?

Before you automatically say – “hell yeah” – I am ready…. you need to understand my question.  If someone came to you today with a speaking opportunity or a chance to be in their telesummit – and you were out of town or otherwise unable to respond – could an assistant get the person what they needed so you could take advantage of your big break?   No?  You aren't alone – I recently offered a great opportunity to a few entrepreneurs and very few of them (and they are not beginners) were able to get me what I needed right away.

So, what do I need to be able to make my own luck?

Here are the basic elements you need to have in place:

1. Your Speaker Sheet – If you are just beginning your business – this does not have to be fancy.  I used a Word document for the longest time – and it can be more than one page.  Here is what I include in my speaker sheet (here's a copy of my speaker sheet if you want to take a peek):

  • Link to a hi-res photo.  It is much easier to send out a link than to worry about e-mailing large files.
  • Short (150 word) and Long (300 word) bios.
  • Testimonials
  • Information on 3 speeches.  For each speech, I include a brief paragraph and then bullet points about what they'll be learning.  I also include 10 questions for them to ask me plus my answers.

2.   A Free Gift Sheet – You should have a standard free gift (or a gift for each speech) that you offer when you speak so that people can opt-in to your list. Here's what the sheet should include:

  • Name and description of your gift
  • Opt-in page address for gift (you can make this a trackable link or an affiliate link to help you track the success of your speaking engagement)
  • A picture of the gift
  • A picture of you
  • Retail value of the gift (hint – it is perfectly OK to create a sales page for something even if you don't really ever intend to sell it.  People can see the page and know that you aren't inflating the value of the giveaway.

3.  Affiliate Information Sheet  This is a  sheet that you create for your assistant with all the information they need to sign you up as an affiliate for someone else's program.   The sheet could include your name, home address, tax id number, e-mail for affiliate programs, PayPal e-mail, etc.

4.  A system for processing speaking requests.  You need to have a system in place to respond to speaking requests. How do you decide which events are worth your time?  How to you calendar any promotional requirements?  Who confirms all this information with the speaker.

So, that is how to make your own luck.  Next time the opportunity of a lifetime shows up, you'll be ready to grab it with both hands and become an overnight success.

What is your favorite tip for being able to take advantage of unexpected opportunities?