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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

If one of the big reasons you have a blog is to make money, then consider writing and posting product reviews. Product reviews are just what they sound like; a thorough review of a product – physical or digital.

Your blog can go one of two ways – consist of only product reviews, or product reviews can be listed on a separate page or under their own topic heading on your blog.

How to Make Money?

The reason you should be interested in doing product reviews lies in the blue, underlined line of writing inside and at the bottom of your review. That link is your meal ticket because it's your affiliate link to the product. If a person clicks through it and buys the product, you get the affiliate commission.

Here is an example of a blog post during which I talk about using PLR material to create blog posts.  In it I talk about the PLR company that I absolutely love.  It doesn't follow the formal outline below but it will give you an idea.

If your blog is all product reviews, then you are aiming to be an authority site on the products in your niche. For example, if your niche is dog training, you can post in-depth and thorough reviews of each dog training program that is currently being sold in the marketplace.

How to Make it Work!

This is a good way to go if you remember to use keywords in your reviews and in the titles of the reviews. People who are looking to buy will want to read some reviews first and if they like what you have to say, they may end up buying through you. These product reviews should sound as unbiased as possible; pointing out the pros, as well as a few cons, of the product.

A product review should be longer than an average post, but make sure you keep the paragraphs short with plenty of white spaces for easy viewing/skimming. Use bullet points and subtitles in bold for a nice look. If you do a lot of product reviews, it would be helpful for you and your readers to set up a template for you to follow with each review.

It might look like:

• Heading
• Description
• Pictures(s) of the product
• Specifications (computer requirements or tools needed to put together, etc.)
• Pros
• Cons
• Feedback or testimonials
• Comparisons with other similar products
• Rating

If your product reviews are only a part of your blog, I recommend that you don't do them too often. Perhaps have a product review after every 5th- 7th post, depending on how often you post. These reviews don't have to follow the above template, they can actually be more personal. The best review is the one where you have tried the product yourself and can report your results. Again, you do need to report any problems with the product to retain your credibility.

Posting product reviews on your blog is an excellent way to earn affiliate income. Take time to create and perfect a review template if you do a lot of reviews, and always remember to make your reviews look attractive and sound sincere.

Last but not least – Always Be Honest! Don't give anything a glowing review just for the affiliate commissions.  Your readers are relying on you to give them your honest opinion.