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emailSo far this month for product launches, we’ve talked about simply getting started and your sales page.  If you remember from the sales page discussion, I mentioned that this was only one part of the marketing approach.  Today, I want to talk a bit about another part of the marketing approach: the emails!

With a well-developed marketing approach, you’re probably going to have some promotion in the areas of social media, blog posts, sales pages, and emails.  You want to be sure that the message is consistent across the various mediums because remember, a confused buyer NEVER buys.

For the email component, you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of the list you already have.  Be sure to develop a schedule that sends out several emails leading up to the launch to start with.  This is often where you can offer a special deal or incentive for signing up.  These people already know you and have some loyalty so providing an incentive for them reinforces the relationship and helps fill your programs.

The week of your launch, you’ll probably want to send out multiple emails to your list.  Try to make them different in some way – maybe one is a video, one is a blog post preview that focuses on the product, and maybe another one is more geared towards directing people to the sales page.  This will provide a variety for your list while still getting that consistent message out there.

Oh, and I almost forgot – your newsletter is a great place to promote an upcoming product!  It doesn’t have to be a hardcore sales pitch, but merely part of the newsletter’s overall message.  You can again, link to the sales page and provide a consistent message to your readers as to what you’re selling and why!

The nice thing about all these emails is that they can also tie directly into your social media promotion too!  You can include “share” buttons to help encourage people to spread your message.  You can also include a call to action and ask them to forward the email to anyone they think would be interested in what you’re offering.  See how we’re capitalizing on our list but still in a way that serves the client?

Marketing your product doesn’t have to be about the hard sell.  It doesn’t have to be scary or off-putting for you and/or the reader.  The awesome thing is that you get to craft the message so you can make sure to stay true to your overall message while still sharing your new amazing product offering!

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