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Jena Rodriguez and Michele ScismLast week I was honored to be present at Be the Brand Live, which was a 3-day event hosted by my client Jena Rodriguez. This was Jena’s first 3-day event. We designed marketing campaigns for her which resulted in her having 125 people register for this event, and she did over 6 figures in sales during the event! She built an amazing community and filled her coaching program.

Was Jena Just Lucky?

When you hear big success stories like Jena’s what is your reaction?  Is it, “I wish I could do that?”  Or, “How come some people have all the luck?”  

I’m here to tell you the hard truth, and that is, if you aren’t getting the results you need, it’s because you aren’t getting in front of enough people!  It isn’t a matter of luck at all, it is a matter of having a marketing plan.  With the right marketing plan, you get people’s attention.

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Would you like to know Jena’s six figure plan?

Jena has been working with me for several years.  When we first met, she was reluctant to do events at all.  Over time, she has built up a community, but she had a goal of filling a high-level coaching program.

We needed to create a specific (almost year-long) plan to create a natural flow beginning with Jena’s growing community, and leading into her high-end program.   We decided to launch the program for her 3-day event.

Here’s what we did:

  • Step One – Build An Audience and Grow Her Email List  Filling events is a numbers game.  A very small percentage of people who hear about an event will attend. Jena’s list was too small to fill the event at the beginning of the year.  So, our first step was to hold a telesummit to build the list quickly.  As part of the telesummit, she created a social media campaign and an affiliate program to help other people find her.
  • Step Two – Market the Event  Jena created an e-mail marketing campaign, affiliate campaign, and social media strategy, to fill seats for her event.  She recruited sponsors who in turn, brought their communities to her first event, Be The Brand Live!
  • Step Three – Filled Her Speaking and Event Sponsorship Calendar  Speaking and event sponsorships were key to growing Jena’s community and list.  She created 2-3 signature speeches, offers, and email sequences, to lead people to her event.

Having a successful event takes more than just luck, it is a matter of planning.  Would you like me to work on your plan with you?  

Create a Plan to Fill Your High-End Coaching Program

at Market for Profit

Create A Marketing Plan to Fill Your High End Coaching Program

Market For Profit is a high-level, intimate, small group experience, limited to just 10 people.  And, I have just a few spots left which I expect will fill very quickly.

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