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The golden rule of building a coaching business. People do business with people they know, like and trust. This is especially true for coaches. After all, would you really want to rely on someone you barely know, don’t like and don’t trust to be a partner in your business? NO!

So, how do you start building those relationships if you don’t know anyone? Here are five easy ways to start building relationships. You will build relationships more deeply with personal contact, but you can reach more people online, so it pays to have a mixture of both in your strategy.

1. Blogging:

A blog is simply a short information based article that you have published on your website. Here is what you need to know:

  • These posts are normally 500 words or less and should end with a call to action.
  • The title is key. You want to make your title relevant and catchy.
  • Social media icons on your post make it is easy for anyone to share your posts on social media.
  • Blog 3 times a week ideally – but be consistent however often you chose to blog.
  • Share each post on social media and remember you can re-post them later when you are looking for something to post on social media.

For more information on how you can create blog posts in 10 minutes click here.

2. Speaking – Webinars, Teleseminars, Radio Shows & In-Person:

Use a Speaker Sheet To Get On StageIf you are looking for instant credibility and building relationship, speaking does both. If you are new to your industry and are having a hard time finding speaking engagements because no one knows you, start by hosting your own teleseminars or webinars where you train on your topic and at the end you offer a free consultation. What will you need to get started:

  • Create a description of the talks you are going to give. Click here for more information on How to Create an Irresistible Talk.
  • Create a speaker sheet. Click here for more information on your Speaker One Sheet.
  • Search Google and Blog Talk radio for “Your Topic or Industry” radio shows.
  • When you get a speaking engagement share that information on social media which accomplishes 2 things: People can register to listen to you teach and people who are looking for speakers see that you are a actual speaker.

3. Video Marketing:

The third level of relationship is when people can see your face. The easiest thing for you to do is create your own YouTube channel and start posting videos that you record on your phone. You can also use these videos in your blog posts and share them on social media.

Remember to end your videos with a call to action which could be to go to your website to get further information on the topic. Click here to visit the Decisive Minds YouTube channel to see this in action.

4. In-Person Networking:

If you are serious about building your coaching business you must get out and network. If you are shy and/or introverted you should find that out-going person who adores you and will make sure you meet everyone in the room.

Networking can be profitable and it can also be costly so be sure you are networking in the right places. Are your ideal clients in the room? If not, find out where they are networking. Here’s an idea – ask your ideal clients where they like to network.

5. E-mail Marketing/Newsletters:

Earlier we talked about how to build your list and now we need to talk about what you do with them once they are on your list. The people on your list need to hear from you on a consistent basis. Earlier we talked about starting them out in a nurture sequence.

Once that ends then they should start to receive 2 to 3 emails from you each week. One of these should be your weekly newsletter or tip sheet. The other 2 would be informational and sales emails. Choose a day of the week that you will send your newsletter – consistency helps here.


There are 5 quick ideas for building relationships with your audience. Bonus tip: The quickest way to make sure this happens is to track your progress. You can get the spreadsheet my clients use to track numbers in their business here.