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Prayer of Jabez

As an entrepreneur, my journey has taken many turns. In 2019, through the choices I made and situations they led me to, I almost lost everything. Including my business. At the end of that year, I took the time to take a serious look at where my journey was headed. Within 6 months, I was already feeling blessed indeed.

I realized that I have one real purpose that I was clearly designed for. I was put on this earth to help people improve their lives – more specifically through building businesses and making money. I got really clear that I was going to do this through 3 channels.

First – Business Consulting!

This was a no-brainer since this is what I have been doing for 10 years but now it is way more specific. I am focused on helping small business owners that are beginning to think about selling their business. I have taken several businesses through the process of modifying to be attractive to potential buyers at a price that the owner is looking for.

Second – Building a Network Marketing Business

When I heard this, I was ready to argue. I had done it before and wasn't sure I wanted to do it again. The great news is that I listened and stepped out on faith. Check out this post about why —- Why I Decided to Build Another Network Marketing Business

Third – Bible Study

This one was hard to swallow. Me? What gave me the right to teach a bible study? So, again I listened and did what was next. I created a program called Books, The Bible and Your Business which is a book study of bible-based books. So far we have studied 2 books by Bruce Wilkinson – The Dream Giver and The Prayer of Jabez.

I chose these because of the direct conversation for entrepreneurs. And specifically in The Prayer of Jabez, I wanted entrepreneurs to see that you must ask for what you want and I am talking about the big ask.

I found this great video of Joel Olsteen talking about how to ask – I thought I would share.