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Build Another Network Marketing BusinessYes, You read it correctly! I said I decided to build another network marketing business. And as I have been talking to people I keep getting the same questions…. Why? and What makes this time different?

Why did I decide to build another network marketing business?

I think I was about 23 when I joined my first network marketing business… Amway! Good old Amway.  I learned a lot and I made no money. LOL Then when I was about 30ish I joined Mary Kay. I learned a lot, won a few cars, and made some money but eventually moved on. There have been a few hear and there along the way but why this one and why now?

DIVERSIFICATION: As a third-generation serial entrepreneur, I have been taught the value of diversification. The important part is diversification without distraction. Your new network marketing business should not distract from your other businesses. It should add to them. For example, my new businesses are all about helping entrepreneurs. Whether it is to make more money (my consulting business) or stay healthy while making money (my new network marketing business is in the nutraceuticals industry).

RESIDUAL INCOME: As a business consultant the majority of my revenues are made by spending my time with my clients. Don't get me wrong – I love consulting. And I am always looking for opportunities to make money without always trading my time for it. Network Marketing is about building people. When you put in the time to teach people how to build people in the right business, it turns into long term residual incomes.

MORE TIME: At this point, I have 2 grandbaby's and I am ready to spend more time with them. Building my consulting business over the last 10 years has meant a lot of time on the road and a lot of time tied to my desk. With a focused 12 months of building and creating duplicatable systems, I will be able to take more time for my family and the fun traveling instead of work traveling.

What makes this time different?

LEVERAGING MY INFLUENCE/NETWORK: I have spent the last 10 years+ building connections and community online. I have connected with people through social media. I have shared content so that they could build a relation with me. Now I can leverage this community to build my new network marketing business.

IT CAN BE BUILT FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE: For an introvert like me, this was a biggie. This company has spent a lot of time and money to create all of the tools online that I need for sharing the business, educating prospects, and following up. It was extremely important to me that the app be super user friendly and social media/video-based.

IT IS DISRUPTIVE: In the book Bold, the conversation is about finding success in the business of the future. Think disruption. Just like Uber disrupted the taxi industry, it is important to me that any company I am connected with being cutting edge and disruptive. This company is disruptive in both industry and science.

IT HAD TO BE DUPLICATABLE: It is important to me that I can teach anyone to duplicate the success I am having.

IT HAD TO BE PRE-MOMENTUM: How often do you say I wish I had done that then? I wish I had gotten in early! I wish I had invented the pet rock – LOL!  So it was important to me that I find a company that is fairly new but not brand new. It also had to have the right leaders. You have to be careful with new companies. This company has leaders that have already built very successful network marketing companies, sold them and retired. That is my story and I get it!

Are you looking for a way to bring extra revenue streams into your business, create your Plan B or replace your income completely? Let's talk!

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