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social media tipsAccording to Facebook the average user spends 50 minutes a day on the site! My guess is you're probably an overachiever so there’s no telling how long you're really on Facebook. LOL And that’s just the time you’re spending on Facebook.

If you are going to spend a big chunk of your waking life on social media, you should get clear on what you are trying to do. As an entrepreneur you should be building your expert status, as well as building and engaging with your community.  Today I thought it would be great to focus on a few social media tips that will amplify your engagement.

Social Media Tip 1 – Choose the right platform

There are so many different social media platforms to choose from, where do you start? Don’t get overwhelmed. Figure out where your ideal clients are and start there. You can expand later.  With the sheer size of Facebook it is likely that your audience is there. If you work with professionals or entrepreneurs then your audience is on LinkedIn.

Social Media Tip 2 – Have a Social Media Strategy

So you’ve found out where your ideal clients are; what is your strategy going to be? Is your aim to get comments, likes, shares, retweets? Set your strategy according to your goal. Click here to watch a video I created that will show you what to do when you get on social media.   

Social Media Tip 3 – Be consistent

Social media is only effective when it is consistent. Think of it like this – if you were to meet a new guy or girl you wouldn’t wait weeks between each time you talked to them. If you are having trouble being consistent you need to get an online social media scheduler that will share content on all of your social media platforms and at various times and dates. You want to post the same post several times, on several days, on several platforms to reach as many people as possible. That is time-consuming. Use a scheduler to schedule and post for you. We use CoSchedule.

Social Media Tip 4 – Choose the Right Time to Post

There is a lot of data confirming that certain times are better than others for posting content on social media. It varies so you will need to figure out what times your audience is most active. In general if your audience has a full time job then the best times are usually before work, lunch and after dinner. For entrepreneurs, they are more likely to be on in the middle of the day and late late at night.

Social Media Tip 5 – Be active

Join the conversation. Create your own posts, like and share others posts comment on posts, ask questions and give answers.

Social Media Tip 6 – Don’t focus on making a sale

It’s important to remember that people didn’t join social media to spend money. They are there to be social, connect with friends and family, make new friends, and research products. They are not there to be sold to and if they sense that is your main objective, they will block, delete, unfriend, or otherwise disengage from you.

Social Media Tip 7 – Focus on relationship building

People want to know the face behind the logo. Social media gives you the opportunity to be social with your audience and potential customers. These touch points build trust and loyalty which can then lead to sales. Share personal stories and pictures, but also share blog posts you’ve written, put a link in there so it will lead them back to your website where they can learn more about your products and services.   

Social Media Tip 8 – Use Social Media to Build Your Expert Status

People prefer to buy from those who they consider to be experts in their field. In fact selling is a lot easier when your reputation precedes you. You need to distinguish yourself as an authority in your niche. There are several things you can do and then post about them on social media to create chatter:

  •         Blog
  •         Guest blog for an established authority
  •         Write a short book or e-book about your industry
  •         Teach classes
  •         Host a podcast, webinar or teleseminar
  •         Sponsor an event

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