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Do you feel like you are wasting a lot of time on social media? Even worse, do you feel like it's for little result? In this episode of Entrepreneurs Take Action, I'll show you the strategy we use at Decisive Minds that will help you build community and engagement on social media. Imagine a 30 minute social media strategy. In the video I focus specifically on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, although the same strategies could be applied to virtually any social platform - depending on where YOUR audience goes.

Here is a link to another video I recorded a few years ago about how I got 3 new clients with one Facebook post. Even though it has been a few years since I recorded it and some of the screens may not look exactly the same, the strategy I used will absolutely still work today. Click here to watch that video.

Oh, I know what else might help you. I recently taught a free online class about 2 strategies I changed in my social media that immediately got me 10x's more views on my posts without spending any money. Click here to download the webinar video now!