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1077758_cupcakes_2Remember how your Momma would tell you not to eat dessert because it will spoil your dinner?  She had it ALL wrong...

The biggest mistake I see people making in their messaging this summer is leading with the broccoli (the stuff you know your customers need) vs. the ice cream (the very yummy stuff they want).   You have to lead with the yummy stuff – and then show your clients that they need to do the less palatable stuff to get there. 

For example, any of my private clients will tell you that I believe that “hustle” is one of the top ingredients for success.  That means saving the money and getting out to live events (like Take Action Get Profits), getting at least 20 people on the phone with you each month for strategy sessions,  not spending money on classes you don't need.  The key to success is hard work and sacrifice.

Obviously, if I led with that message – I would get no interest at all.  Very few people want to sign up for more work when they are feeling overwhelmed as it is. Instead, I listen very carefully to my prospects and get them into my community by giving them what they are saying they want.  In my case, I promote making more money with less work – so you don't have to quit your business altogether and get a job.   That's a lot yummier – than hustle and work hard.

So, how do I  know what my customers want?  Here are three quick suggestions:

1. Conduct A Survey  I conduct a simple survey of my e-mail and social media communities about once a quarter.  I ask one simple question – what is your biggest obstacle to success. 

2. Borrow Someone Else's Community  Are are at the stage where most of the people in your community have your same last name?  That's OK.  Join some Facebook groups and forums in your niche.  Post your question there.

3. Do Some Strategy Sessions  You don't need to have a coaching program to sell to benefit from talking with prospective clients (although if you attend Take Action Get Profits – you'll have something to sell by the end of the weekend).  

Want Your Prospects to Think You Are A Mind-Reading Genius?

Pay careful attention to the words your prospects are using in the survey and in conversations with you.  Use those words when talking to them about how you can help.  They will see that you “get” them – and are the one to pay to get a solution that will work for them.