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By Michele Scism,
The Results Lady

No matter what you hear about internet marketers making millions by selling affiliate products, nothing beats selling your own.

If you've had any success with affiliate marketing, you'll make even more moola from selling your own products. After all, you already know what your market wants. Plus you already know how to convert web surfers into buyers.

And since you have an online business, the most logical thing is to sell infoproducts – digital products that can be sold and delivered online. No manufacturing costs, no need to stock and manage inventory, and no shipping!

I'll have to be frank: Becoming an infopreneur is NOT easy. First, you have to think of a product that people are hungry for and willing to pay for. Then you have to actually produce the infoproduct. Next, you need to market it – which entails building a list, if you don't have one yet, finding joint venture partners, signing up for a merchant account, putting up a sales page…. Ready to give up yet?

A common stumbling block for aspiring infopreneurs is product development. They get excited about putting a new product out there that nobody's ever seen before and will improve the lives of thousands, maybe millions, of people. They start developing the product and then… they get stuck!

Self-doubts overwhelm them:

• “You can't do this, you're not an expert!”
• “What do you know, anyway?”
•”Who the heck are you, anyway?”
• “Nobody will want to read/hear/watch this, so why bother?”

Before you know it, you've given up your dream of becoming an infopreneur.

Actually, it doesn't have to be this hard! If you're just starting out, take small steps. Now is not the time to create a whole system made up of PDFs and streaming audio and/or video!

You can easily create a system or plan for creating an information business without ever having to write more than 7-15 pages. If you know your market and what they want (yes, a bit of research is involved here, but you most likely already have your thumb on the needs of your market) writing quality short reports should be a piece of cake.

First, you’ll want to brainstorm topics your market wants more information on. Start a list that will be ongoing and every time you have an idea for a report topic – WRITE IT DOWN! As you come across news stories, blog posts, etc. that pertain to your market, use those for inspiration and take note of it. Before you know it you’ll have an ongoing list that never runs dry to pull from.

I have to admit, I am not earning six figures – yet. But after selling other people's stuff, I now have my very own products:

Your Goal Setting Guide – A Step-by-Step How to Guide!

10 Simple Website Building Strategies (That you can start using today!)

I have my first small reports all written, formatted and ready to go. Now, I'm off to market it. I'll let you know how that goes.