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I love events! Attending events. Speaking at Events. And most of all hosting events. I love the look in an entrepreneurs’ eyes when that light bulb goes off. I love when they come back year after year to share everything that they have accomplished. This year something became really clear. The moment that you decide and act, is what leads to profit!

This realization meant making a shift in my upcoming event.

#1 – Change the name. Last year the event was called The Legacy Live Event and it was focused on creating the legacy you want to leave. What I found out is that although you absolutely want to create a legacy, you have things in your business that have to be done before you can even begin to think about that legacy. That lead to the new name Decide, Act, Profit: The Business Accelerator Conference.

#2 – Change the format. Day 1 is focused on making decisions in your business. Day 2 is focused on the actions you have to take in your business to get clients and make money. Day 3 is focused on the profit in your business.

#3 – Go against the norm. There are a lot of entrepreneur events out there and they are pretty much all the same. You pay a deposit to hold your seat and when you get to the event they hand you a refund check and tell you not to cash it till they tell you how you can “use it”. We have done a lot of events with that same format but NO more. Entrepreneurs don’t value what they don’t invest in. Some of these people would show up for the event, get their check and we would never see them again.

So are you ready for an event that is going to be different – that’s going to go against the norm?

It’s time to Decide, Act, and Profit. Click here to find out how you can join us.