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Take Action Get Profits 2014 was an amazing event. We featured all new content this year around creating a business that is more than just a job – it is an investment into your future. We asked some of the participants to share what they got out of the event. Here's what they said:

My biggest take away was that you have to start with your mindset on having a great team and having realistic numbers worked out. My action step is growing my team and focusing on greater visibility to get higher numbers – Marianne Costello – VA Collaborative

My biggest takeaway was that it’s GREAT to be uncomfortable – that is where my dream lies – beyond my comfort zone – Margit Awsum Crane – Gifted with ADD

My biggest takeaway was just take the next step. My action is continuing to plan the seeds of visibility primarily through more speaking – Kristen Baker – Kristen Baker Life Coaching

My biggest takeaway was “Creating A Legacy or Simply Making A Living” I loved when Michele shared her family’s story and the legacy they are creating. Michele is real and authentic – helps attendees to see the possibilities of their business – Sandy Lawrence – Perceptive Marketing

It dawned on me that I had jumped so far into implementation that I had forgotten about the big picture! Michele Scism has a the most amazing way of bringing me back to what’s important and in the order it needs to be important! I’m energized, focused and ready to take on the world after an amazing 3 days in the community that Michele draws together – Danni Ackerman – The Danni App

I was initially hired as a vendor to provide make up services for Michele’s event, however, I ended up leaving the event with beyond what I could bargain for! I gained a sizzling new entrepreneurial community, an action plan – Crystal Winstead – CryssWin Beauty

Next year's event promises to be even better – sign up now (special early bird pricing just for you!)